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THRILLING! Awe-inspiring! One of the greatest spectacles on earth! MAASAI MARA is your next virtual Safari destination!
You will see and learn, not only on host of smaller animals, but also the big five of African game animals—elephants, lions, Cheetahs, leopards and cape buffaloes.
Plus a visit to the MAASAI VILLAGE!

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Other animals that can be spotted in the park include lions, leopards, buffaloes, cheetahs (although rare), hyenas, kudus, crocodiles and many more others.

We are Bringing This experience in your Home LIVE!

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Participant’s get opportunity to comment ask questions during the tour, making it even interactive enjoyable and educative. Come Meet fellow Safarians from all over the world as we engaged in this thrilling Tours.

Our next virtual safari is on 29th May
10:30pm EST and 3oth May 9am est.